SAS online meeting

Работна онлайн среща по проект SAS

On the first of December, NASOR’s team took part in an online meeting to discuss the SAS project. All partners were happy to say that they have started implementing the apprenticeship scheme model successfully within their countries. There were numerous challenges with securing the activity funding in Bulgaria, Italy and Greece as well as few bureaucratic set-backs in some of the Spanish regions where additional apprentice paperwork would have been needed. Most of the aprrentices already employed within the project in Spain have been part of the seltered employment programs did cleaning, gardening, painting and etc. In Norway, Belguim and France the scheme implementation is currently doing great.

Everyone is excited as the partners managed to provide employment for disadvantaged people just before the Christmas holidays and are quite satisfied with the results so far. The whole activity progress will be carefully reported in the project Logbooks which are exclusive responsibility of the VICs.

The next project meeting is scheduled for 17th of March, 2023. In the meantime, the leading project partner LADAPT will support all partners and will arrange individual online meetings if needed.

The next TPM (Transnational Partners Meeting) is supposed to take place in Spring, 2023 in Brussels, so arrangements will be done in the beginning of next year



НАСОР участва в обучение по проект SAS

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