NASO starts work on a new project

НАСО стартира дейности по нов проект

07.03.22 г.

NASO is starting work on the SaS – LADAPT project in partnership with a number of European Union countries – EPR (Belgium), FONIX (Norway), SPIR OSLO (Norway), THEOTOKOS (Greece), INTRAS (Spain), DIVALENZA (Italy) and others. One of the main priorities of the project is the creation of supportive employment, professional integration and the realization of a smooth transition to employment and secure careers for people with disabilities.

The transition from education to employment is particularly difficult for people with disabilities. Despite current European laws, the level of unemployment and activity of people with disabilities is still low compared to the rest of the EU population.

The implementation of an innovative scheme under the SaS – LADAPT project will be modeled by experts authorized by the French national association LADAPT, which supports about 20,000 people with disabilities annually.



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