Meeting of D-CARE project partners

Meeting of D-CARE project partners

NASO participated in a webinar on the D-CARE project, during which the benefits and specifics of applying for potential participants in the innovation competition were presented.

Those wishing to apply for the Innovation Competition will receive expert evaluation and access to a wide range of international sponsors who work together on the D-CARE project. The profile of the candidates will be considered in two directions – small scale pilot and large scale pilot – in both cases the participants get access to the expert capacity and a large platform from international sponsors.

In the first case of a small scale pilot – applicants can participate in an idea stage – in the absence of a finished product or service. They can obtain expert opinion on their concept, professional advice and referrals with a view to further development and access to the international sponsorship platform.

In the second version of a large-scale pilot program, participants should have already developed a concept for a product or service with which to apply for additional subsidies. Approved applicants can engage in a collaborative process with consumers to develop or improve their innovative solutions.

The final date for applying for the competition is 31.01.2022, and the results should be announced on 22.02.2022.