Dear colleagues and our current and future partners,

Welcome to NASO R!

The idea of establishing NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYERS is part of the fruitful experience of its founders, gained from the excellent work done over the years on the social development in Bulgaria.

We can say with conviction based on the achieved objectives and results that every entity can and should be able to take part and succeed in developing and implementing national and local policies in various fields.

NASO R has a vision of building partnership among all economic and social stakeholders to create better conditions for carrying on successful business, providing more effective social support, ensuring a better life for everyone and enhancing a better economic and social development in Bulgaria.

We believe that the establishment of a national network of socially responsible employers will provide everyone with further opportunities and extra motivation to feel understood, supported, more successfully fulfilling their potential and contributing to addressing our common concern for the development of Bulgarian major resource – people.

We hope you will embrace and join our cause and become our partners.

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A partnership is partnership when it is good to all!