Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program is open to applicants and helps people up to the age of 45 who are starting their own business in all sectors of the economy, and applying in just 6 easy steps. Young entrepreneurs receive financial support from the program. The benefits of hosting entrepreneurs are: sharing knowledge and experience with a new entrepreneur, expanding into new markets, finding new ideas.

The cross-border exchange program is designed to help new and ambitious entrepreneurs acquire appropriate skills for small business management and development by working with an experienced entrepreneur in another country for a period of one to six months.

The program was launched in 2009 by the European Commission as part of the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan, which aims to revitalize entrepreneurship in Europe by supporting new businesses at crucial stages of their life cycle and helping them to grow. The program marked its 10,000th business exchange.

Since its launch, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program has grown rapidly, progressively increasing its budget and the number of participating countries, which in turn has led to more exchanges, networking and the creation of new companies. Thanks to additional financial support from the European Parliament, from 2018 the program also offers new destinations outside Europe, allowing new entrepreneurs to work with host entrepreneurs from the United States, Canada, Israel, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.