The establishment of the National Association of Socially Responsible Employers (NASO R) was a result of its founders’ idea and their 20 years’ successful experience in European and national partnership.

The idea of creating NASO R involves bringing together the largest number of employers in Bulgaria to contribute to the social development in Bulgaria by supporting businesses and other sectors, enhancing their operational effectiveness, and creating opportunities for developing their social responsibilities, motivating them to take on more social responsibility, build partnership with the government and local authorities and be really involved in the process of improving the quality of life in Bulgaria.

The NASO R’s attention and activities are targeted at all employers in Bulgaria, including the business sector, the state and local administrations, the civil sector, etc.

The Association has been started with the aims of providing support to boost responsibility in a broader sense, but it is mainly targeted at individuals, human resources, social development and quality of life. It aims to improve work quality and staff development and to support local initiatives, communities, and national capital development, namely people living in Bulgaria.

The Association focuses its activities mainly on supporting persons with disabilities by providing them with the most powerful tool – job placement and employment opportunities resulting in personal growth, independence, and effective participation in the process of contributing to a better life in the community and consuming public resources.

By developing corporate social responsibility into an active partnership with the government, local authorities and other structures, NASO R aims to increase the efficiency of economic entities and create prerequisites for conscious involvement in taking socially responsible decisions and following good practices that support the governmental and municipal efforts to promote social development.




tel.  +359 882 122 690;  +359 882 122 730;

NASO R’s key tools for carrying out its operations:

  • Establishing collaborative partnerships, providing information and sharing good experience.
  • Developing a national partnership and offering support and exchange of good practices.
  • Lobbying for support in partnership with the National Assembly, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Employment Agency.
  • Providing local support in partnership with municipalities and implementing local initiatives.
  • Implementing partner projects, providing training, investment and other types of financing.
  • Participation in discussions and formulation of proposals for changes in the regulatory framework, aimed to improve the economic and tax situation.
  • Participation in the Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory Council.
  • Participation in the National Council on Social Inclusion.
  • Promoting good practices.
  • Setting up partnerships with other employers and trade unions in Bulgaria and Europe.

Filling in a standard form and a decision taken by the Board are required to get membership in the National Association of Socially Responsible Employers. There are three types of membership: regular, associate, and honorary.